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Everything I Learned I Learned From Interviewing A RuPaul’s Drag Race Queen

One of the perks of being the Editor-In-Chief of Revolutionary Gay Magazine is interviewing RuPaul’s Drag Race queens although I’ve never had the privilege to interview Ru herself. Sometimes it feels like she’s locked away in some dungeon and I have to pass 100 levels to get to her. But I will. But on that note, I wanted to share the highlights and low lights of interviewing Drag Race queens and what I learned from them (And yes, this also includes Lil’ Poundcake) 

The Bitchy Banter: I want to just say that 99% of RuPaul’s Drag Race queens I’ve interviewed have been completely awesome. But I have had some run ins with shady queens. You heard it first here. I managed to get on Willam’s bad side by giving my honest critique of her single “The Boy Is A Bottom.” She didn’t like it and denied an interview with me. I apologized if I offended her and she got really nasty. Now here’s my opinion of that. Nothing is that deep that you need to get upset like that over it. I was simply giving my opinion of her vocal skills that I still think aren’t that amazing, and she wanted to be shady. And because I’m not in the business of kissing ass, when she tried to throw a dig on Twitter I had to shut her down and block her. Willam has this thing about him that really pisses people off. While he’s funny and kooky, he’s also immature and narcissistic. And when he doesn’t like something he’ll try and turn the whole world against you. And I think that’s beneath him. He just doesn’t know how to keep it classy. So I don’t really care to ever meet or interview Willam. And that’s my word. 

I also had a run in with Phi Phi a year ago when I mentioned something somebody told me. I’ll admit it was just something I heard, but she got nasty with me and penned a letter about how much she hates my magazine.

But when I reviewed what she said, there I admit I could understand what she meant and realized how shitty she got the end of the stick. I realized that all her life she’s had to kind of fend off haters and I can relate to that. So I apologized and asked her to be on my cover. And what a fucking hot cover it was. She was so awesome on the phone and the interview was great. I’m a new fan because she’s just a queen trying to make a name for herself who admits to some mistakes. And she’s fabulous. So many props to her.

Detox declined to interview me, Jujubee and Yara Sofia never ever focused enough to get interviewed (I love them so much) and Alyssa Edwards said she was too busy. So that’s just some fun dirt for you. I will tell you that I love all my queens and respect all of them. Including Willam. 

I Still Want You: 5 Queens I have yet to interview that I would love to pick their brains are: Raven, Raja, Tyra Sanchez, Sharon Needles & Magnolia Crawford. 

Funniest Queens I Ever Interviewed: Alaska, MILK and Jinkx for sure are the funniest. It was organic and cool and when you read those interviews you just feel like you’re there.

Controversial Interviews: I think Vivienne Pinay and Honey Mahogany because these are two versatile and talented queens who got voted off at the same time and it’s so infamous. But when you talk to them, you get a sense of self, a sense of honesty and balls to the wall truth. And I admire that shit. 

Best Interview Ever: I think Manila Luzon cuts that cake. She wasn’t afraid to talk about Sahara and this was right around the time he died. He maintained his composure and he was fucking funny. Manila is just one of my favorites forever and ever.

Interviews That Were Short & Sweet: I think Bianca Del Rio. It’s funny because Bianca is hands down one of the sweetest queens and real as hell, but she answered my questions like a questionnaire. But you still get a sense of who she is. And she didn’t want to give away much of Season 6. 

Most Unique Interviews: Madame LaQueer, Coco Montrese and Mystique. It’s nice to catch up with these queens to see what they’re thinking and are up to. But they really made me laugh. 

Most Down To Earth Interviews: Laganja Estranja and Jinkx Monsoon. I’ll say Darienne Lake and Vivacious too. There’s something about reading their interviews that make you feel like they’re just one of us. What if Jinkx was one of us? Just a queer like one of us? Just a drag queen on the bus trying to lip sync home?

Most Bizarre & Funny Interview: Lil’ Poundcake. She managed to be mentioned on Watch What Happens Live and get thrown shade by Anderson Cooper. And she’s a resilient little queen. She has almost 12,000 followers and mostly important people so you know she’s not fucking around. And she has a popular album out. Read her interview and try not to laugh. I dare you.

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