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Foxy Lady: The Exclusive Interview With Joslyn Fox From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6


Drag Queen Extraordinaire, this lovely and genuine edition to the super anticipated Season 6 of #RuPaul’sDragRace promises to bring you fish from uncharted territories. Thought-provoking, exceptionally beautiful and savvy as all hell, Joslyn Fox dives head first into the wonderfully delicious world of Drag Race with 13 other contestants to compete not only for the cash prize and crown but to win over your hearts & she’s already won over ours. Joslyn Fox is rare bird that you solely get a glimpse of before it flies away, that is how beautiful she is in and out. She is a dark horse in this competition and bitches better beware! I guarantee when the show starts, you’re going to remember her name for seasons to come. 

Tell me a little bit about your childhood.

I was always in my own world, and my parents nurtured that. I was able to explore the ins and outs of all that it is to be an individual. It was always okay for me to do what I wanted to do and be myself. I learned from my mistakes, and learned a lot about myself through it. After all, life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. Good or bad, I owe all of who I am to my parents. I was always making all of my siblings and the neighborhood kids a part of my latest production. They were in hair and makeup for hours and on set before nap time. 


 When you walked onto The set for the first time and you heard, “Hello, Hello, Hello!” from RuPaul, how did it feel? 

"Holy fuck, this is real." For a long time I thought "Hey, what if this is one big joke and I didn’t really make it on the show. Everyone else is in on it and they’re all gonna laugh at me." When Ru entered the room, it was game on, and there was no turning back.


 Being a Ru girl is really big shoes to fill. These past 5 seasons are no joke. Do you ever feel intimidated now that the show is done and you are part of this legacy?

There comes a huge responsibility with being a Ru girl, but we’re all sisters, we’re a true family. We’ve all been on this ride. It’s not easy and it is at the least what we all have in common. I know that I’ve got big shoes to fill, but they are mine to fill and no one else’s.


 What drag name did you almost give yourself before you landed on the right one?

Billy Wicked. I liked that Billy was more of a man’s name and Wicked was a shout out to my roots. Everything in Massachusetts is “wicked”. Thankfully, before I went onstage for my very first show, a gaggle of queens insisted I change my name. They announced me as Jasmine, but at least it was Joslyn. The envelope even said “Jasmine” when I won, but hey, I won.


 What do you do on your down time?

There is no down time when you’re a drag queen. You may not be in drag, but everything you’re thinking about has something to do with your craft. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I live, sleep and breathe it. 


 Season 6 got it right for sure. All the girls are really beautiful and interesting and it’s anybody’s game. How did it feel to see all of these girls in the same room and think, “Oh shit it’s beginning!”

It was scary. I had auditioned for the fourth time before I was finally cast, so being amongst the other queens made it real. A dream quickly became reality.

 A lot of Season 6 girls are cult favorites. Many of them have followings including yourself. Did you look around the room and go, “I know this bitch!! Shit she’s going to be hard to beat.” 

I was really anticipating Courtney Act being on the season 6 cast, and when she walked into the work room, I was starstruck! It wasn’t about her being my competition, she was the Madonna to my Britney. I had a lot to learn from her.


 Season 6 got a lot of hype because for some reason some fans weren’t quite satisfied with the outcome. (I certainly was!! I love Jinkx!) Because of this hype, people already have their favorites. Who’s your favorite other than yourself and why? 

There are some incredible personalities this season. There really isn’t anyone who didn’t deserve to be here. We all really bring our own strong suit and it’s anyone’s game. Courtney is a huge inspiration, Bianca made me want to be a stronger person, Darienne is the funniest person I’ve ever met, Milk is the coolest queen ever, and Adore is the biggest rising star we’ve ever seen. I have nothing but love for all of the cast. They are all such beautiful people and such individuals. I’ve learned so much from all of them, and have walked away from the show with the most lasting of friendships.


 The season is over I know. You probably left first, or you probably are one of the last ones standing. How did the overall experience feel?

I felt like I jumped inside of the TV. I’ve been a huge fan of the show for 5 seasons now, so to be on the other side was very surreal. It changed my life beyond words, and I miss every second of it every day. It was tough yet enriching. It’s not for the faint of heart but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.


 Let’s talk about The Gold Bar. How did it feel to sip that first cocktail and chat it up?

My favorite moments were spent inside of the gold bar. It was really the only time we got to be real with each other. The good and bad, we got to throw it all on the table. 

 Was there an outfit you wore that looking back now, you could’ve changed or altered? 

All of them. Everything is so in your face at a moment’s notice, you do the best you can under a time crunch. I fall asleep at night playing every challenge over in my head thinking “Oh, I should’ve worn those shoes” or “Why did I wear that wig?!” It’s all a part of the game and will make it fun to watch the show.


 Everyone is scared of Michelle Visage, but isn’t it Santino who has the most under the breath moments that can really make or break a judgement?

I don’t remember a word Santino said, I was too busy imagining the two of us making love. He is such a sexy, sexy bald man. Michelle Visage is a scary beast! I’ve never cried so much over what one woman thought of me. She does her job and she does it well. At the end of the day she is one of the realest, sweetest people I’ve ever met. I have such respect for her. Her opinion wouldn’t matter so much if I didn’t.


 I know you’re under contract to not say much about the show, but what is different about this cast from other casts?

There is something for everyone. No cannon fodder. None of us are there to be the first to go. It is genuinely a tough call across the board every single elimination. Such incredible talent, such multi-faceted entertainers. 

 This season there are very handsome men under all that make-up. Do you think that was intentional to give viewers some eye candy?

I think it was intentional to throw us off. Damn! These were some sexy menses! 

 What made you try out for Drag Race and what does the show represent to you?

The show is the ultimate opportunity to prove yourself in the world of drag. Whether it be proving it to yourself or to others. It’s the mother fucking Olympics. Everyone and their mother, drag mother and biological, relate to this show. It’s so transcendent. 


 There are a lot of people rooting for you on the glittery bleachers of social media. Is there anything you want to say to all your fans?

They have no idea what they’re in for. I’ve received a lot of love, but also some hate. I truly believe that the ones who have zero faith in me will be pleasantly surprised once they get to see me in action of the show. But above that, I want all of the lovers to know how truly special they are. I do this so that I may have some sort of positive impact on their lives. And the ones who reach out to me saying that I positively influence their lives, that makes all the haters worthwhile.


 And lastly, Who was your favorite guest judge now that they’ve been revealed and why.

It’s hard to say. A lot of them came to my defense when Santino and Michelle weren’t feeling me. It’s a wonderful cast of judges!!! Wait and see!!

Joslyn Fox Steams Up RuPaul’s Drag Race February 24th @ 9pm EST On LogoTV (And don’t forget to watch UNTUCKED right after!!)*


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