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Lazaro Arbos: Popularity Contest

As usual, American Idol is chock full of talented Gay boys, sashaying and swiveling, making us proud. But it’s undeniable that this American Idol contestant isn’t around because of talent. While Lazaro Arbos certainly CAN sing, he shouldn’t even have cut Top 20. While his stuttering back story is as sad as that guy who compensated for being short until Nicki got tired of it and called him out, Lazaro is one of those cute Latino boys other Gays love to root for solely for being cute. 

Other than that, there are so many things wrong with this contestant. First off, he cries about everything, he can’t remember his lines, he’s no competition to Devin or any of the girls who are currently dominating the competition, and he is just too fierce for his own good. While he is adorable and cute, his stuttering and his lack of technicality really distracts the competition. And while I’m not upset that the first eliminated contestant was gone for being even more extra than Lazaro, I still believe that Lazaro is here strictly because of popularity. And we all know little girls everywhere always fall in love with the gay guy and have been keeping the kid in the game. While we have love for Lazaro for making it this far, it’s time for him to go. Perhaps he can secure a gig on a showboat with the other queens. 

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