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10 Interesting Things About The “New” View

1. Quieter Rosie: While Rosie O’Donnell can’t help piping into every topic, she has been considerably well…considerate. She allows others to talk and doesn’t really go off the rails. That is until Nicolle ruffled her feathers a few times.

2. Ghetto: Rosie Perez is definitely giving you the Latina factor but at times she grows stagnant with her boughetto comments and her stereotypical Puertorican background. The View would have faired better with Sunny Hostin but I get the switch. Sunny is sassy but knows her stuff. Rosie just seems to grasp at straws when commenting. 

3. Nicolle, You Can’t Say That: Third day on and she managed to question Canadian mayor for being “fat” and on cocaine, say Obama doesn’t like people and interrupt Kirsten Dunst every chance she could over fish. While Rosie admitted that she genuinely loves Nicolle, you can tell that she is getting under Rosie’s and everyone else’s skin. 

4. Brighter Huh?: The View has been revamped which meant super high def for the ladies. The lighting was so bright, I could see Whoopi’s lines and wrinkles. They fixed that however the day after.

5. Ro vs. Ro: One of the silliest things The View can come up with, both Rosies ask audience members silly “is it me or me” questions. 

6. Rosie Oh!: While Rosie tries hard to be on her best behavior, she can’t help but have an opinion. That comes to mind when she turns an abuse topic into a Woody Allen bash. She manages to praise Chris Brown and offend the other Rosie with a Mayweather comment. The following day she sasses Nicolle a few times and finally lets loose. 

7. No Sherri Sheperd Thank God: While the show has succumb to big changes, the best change was eliminating Sherri. No matter how hot Hot Topics gets, it never gets overpowered by the annoying Sherri. Thanks Barbs.

8. Smaller: While the set I find is actually cute and simpler, it is kind of packed in and feels forced. The View wants the panel to look cozy and bffy but what it’s really mimicking is a butch lesbian wearing a dress, it just ain’t happening. 

9. Smart: While the panel may still be testing the waters with each other, it’s obvious this season is going to be a juicy one. Each lady brings something unique to The View and it’s the most interesting its ever been. I still believe one more lady should be added to the panel. 

10. Rosie Love: No matter what The View did to revamp the set, its gold mine is Rosie O’Donnell who once again revived the lagging show and is clearly a household favorite no matter what the haters say. On day two she was welcomed with the audience chanting, “Rosie, Rosie, Rosie!” Indeed The “New” View is much rosier and it’s going to be a bumpy ride. And that can be a good thing. 

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The Exciting New Album From Xavii Matisse
Including The Singles: French Kiss, White Hot, Go Away & Upcoming Single Wish U Were Here
S O M E B O D Y ’ S X
October 2014-

The Exciting New Album From Xavii Matisse

Including The Singles: French Kiss, White Hot, Go Away & Upcoming Single Wish U Were Here

S O M E B O D Y ’ S X

October 2014-

Common Relationship Mistakes Gay Men Make (Part 2)

10 Things You Don't Say To Your Boss

Common Relationship Mistakes Gay Men Make

12 Things Gay Men Are Afraid You’ll Find Out

12. Commit Me: Gay men seem to think they know what they want, and some of them actually do. But many gay men get full with their eyes. Boy meets boy in the club, boys get food at the diner, boys think they’re in love, boys have sex, boy stops calling boy. Gay men have too many outlets that allow them to pick and choose who and what they want. You may want a committed relationship but you have to compete with everyone in a 5 mile radius. Stop texting him, he’s not interested. But he’ll text you when he’s done. Some gay men are afraid to accept the truth.

11. STD You See: STD’s are so common that it should be a normal thing to get tested and get things treated. But the very fact that you contracted a sexually transmitted disease really puts the fear of God in a gay man. There’s nothing worse than wanting to have sex with a guy and then have to stop at second base. Wait things do get worse. Having to make up a stupid excuse because you have an STD. In the gay world there is a stigma associated to people who get STD’s and however immature it is, gay men assume the other gay man is a slut because he has a disease. Some guys are actually cool with it and will stick by you. But you’ll be surprised at how immature some adult gay men are when you reveal the truth for your peace of mind. 

10. You Do Drag: Drag has come a long way and what was once taboo is now what every gay guy secretly wants to be. But some gay guys are ashamed to admit they do or have done drag for fear of losing a guy. There is still a very real fear of self acceptance with being feminine. Gay men are running to the gym in droves, growing beards and lifting weights to be socially accepted in the gay community. So to be the exception can really put a gay guy in an awkward position. And while many can put up a front and say they are proud of what and who they are, they still feel secretly ashamed to say they do drag in fear of losing a man. 

9. What They Really Sound Like: We’ve all been there. We see he’s trying hard to be masculine, has muscles, the beard, the hipster hair and glasses. He’s a stocky bear with a killer smile. Then he speaks. Most times gay men try to hide how they sound because they are overtly trying to be masculine. But after a few drinks the “gurl, what?” comes out. While not all gay men have a feminine voice, many do have that “I’m definitely gay” voice. Like I said before, a fear to be a little feminine makes a gay man feel like he has less of a chance to fit in, and so he tries to play it off by lowering his vocals. 

8. Where They Work: While nobody should judge you based solely on where you work, many gay men are afraid to admit they don’t work at a salary job. They’ll beat around the bush and claim to be a wandering soul or a starving artist, but they really don’t want to tell you that they work at H&M or Outback Steakhouse. They feel ashamed because they feel like at their age, they should be growing in some company but instead they are behind a bar in their underwear. Nobody should ever make you feel less than, but this is a very real fear for men.

7. Living Single In a 2000’s Kinda World: While everything on this list does not apply to all gay men, a majority still live with family or friends and have every excuse in the book why they do, hence the profile in their apps that say, “Can Not Host.” Many gay men have not become mature enough to own their own homes or rent their own apartments. Many move to big cities to be near gay communities but cannot afford the metropolitan rent. So when you’re looking to make out with your boyfriend, chances are he might take you to the park. Bring a blanket.

6. Jealousy: Many gay men live in communities that are very small meaning they have either fucked or talked to mostly everyone in their city. This means that when you come along, they want to make sure you are not “tainted.” Jealousy is very common with gay men because gay men in general are very vocal and animated. Gay culture is mainly associated to sex so it is very hard for a gay man to trust another gay man. 

5. He Likes Your Best Friend: In my experience in gay culture, one of the most common things I saw was guys who had boyfriends who were into their boyfriend’s cute best friend. Most of the time, this was the base of the problem. If gay men were more open about how they felt, they could get it out of their system and move forward. Instead, some choose to explore the possibility, ruin their relationship, a friendship and credibility. 

4. Drugs & Other Things: Some gay men are recreational drug users and hide this from friends and partners. This eventually causes a rift and tears relationships apart. 

3. True Colors: Some gay men will do anything to get their man. Even hiding who they really are. Everything is roses until the shit hits the fan. Then suddenly he’s dominant, territorial, abusive, too opinionated, mean and angry. This really puts people off in general, but gay men experience this often because some gay men feel the need to hide the crazy until it’s too late. So it’s your job to read people well. 

2. Party Boy: Some gay men are afraid to admit they want to go out and party….without you. Some guys need some space, the need to get out and have a drink with someone other than you. But he’s afraid you’re going to think he wants to cheat or that he doesn’t prefer your company so he keeps it to himself. 

1. LOVE: Some gay men are afraid you’ll find out he doesn’t love you. Some stay in relationships because of rent issues, job issues and it’s really hard for them to just leave. They rather “put up with you” to have a roof over their head. Some gay men just don’t really feel that connection and that’s okay. What’s not okay is staying because he doesn’t have a place to go. Man up.


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