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16 Wonderful Excerpts From My Interviews With RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens


16. Vivacious: What drag name did you almost give yourself before you landed on the right one?

 ”I’m a unique case because my name was given to me by my second grade teacher in Jamaica, WI so when I was later asked by the girls to come up with a name that best describes me it was easy: Vivacious “full of life full of energy” It’s based on the fact that when I perform you get lots of high energy moves from me!” 

15. Madame LaQueer: You were known around the world with the episode about “The Beaver” Your EWWW was hilarious. What did you think about that episode when you watched it?

"I thought I was hilarious. And also made me realize how huge my nostrils are. I wanna punch myself. (Laughs) In the other hand… editing can be quite a bitch."
14. Honey Mahogany: With one word, describe Michelle Visage.



13. Jade Jolie: If a movie was made about you, who would play you and who would play Ru?

"Hahaha oh my goodness Lifetime is not even ready for all that, the drama & shade of the past! Lol Hmm I feel Justin Bieber would make a beautiful woman and sometime’s has the lesbianesque look I’ve got going haha, and Ru would be played by Tyra Banks."

12. Vivienne Pinay: When you’re doing drag, what are three things you put on that essentially make you Vivienne Pinay?

 ”Just three?? If I had to just pick three, I would say a good pair of lashes, a sickening lace front, and six inch heels!”

11. Manila Luzon: You’re beauty is flawless. You’ve been compared to Raven & Raja in terms of your commitment to a look. Tell us what inspires you to create these looks.

 "Well, I know I’ve been compared to Raja a lot. And I guess Raven is totally committed to her look: Tan. I’m inspired by pop culture. I like my costumes to evoke a childhood memory or reference something you might have forgotten. That’s why I dress up like a Teletubbie or Hostess cupcake. I’m silly. I like to play with my fashion…and sometimes eat my fashion!"
10. Mystique Summers Madison: Was there ever a time you said, “I’m done with drag child!”?

"There a lot of times I wanted to be like I’M DONE I’M OVER THIS.. and when I get like that for some reason I get a message about how I inspire people etc. Then I get over it and put on more make up." (Laughs)

9. Jinkx Monsoon:  If you were deserted on an island, and you had to bring one queen with you, would it be: Phi Phi Ohara, Madame LaQueer, Dida Ritz, Shangela or Manila Luzon?

 ”Though Manila is one of my all-time favorites… for reasons of Survival, I say Phi Phi. We already know she can make us outfits out of scraps of fur and she knows how to rock a spear. But mostly, I think that bitch knows how to survive. Her and I would be resourceful and tenacious.”

8. Lineysha Sparx: You are very attractive in and out of Drag and I’m sure alot of the girls were eying you down. How does it feel to be loved for your beauty in and out of drag?

"I am a very simple guy with a big heart. I don’t look at people for what they look like. I feel very fortunate that some people have a crush on me because of my in and out of drag looks. But I believe that a person should be loved from the inside and outside."

7. Latrice Royale:  Talk to me about Miss Latrice Royale. How did your name come about, and did you almost name yourself something else?

"Latrice" came from a childhood friend in elementary school. She was so beautiful and had to most gorgeous wavy hair you’d ever seen. As for as the "Royale".. Well as I was signing up for my first drag contest we realized I didn’t have a last name.  My friend who was with me at the time said that "you’re chocolaty like fudge royale"! And Royale it was!!!"


6. Alaska Thunderfuck: You and Lineysha (mostly you) created a timeless classic: Lil’ Poundcake, who enjoys Ridin’ Dirty and her motto is “You’re not my real dad and you never will be.” How did the character come about, and thank you for allowing us to spoof her in two songs. It immediately went viral. People still ask who is the voice of Lil’ Poundcake. It’s me!! But you’re definitely the inspiration. 

"I’m jealous of Lil’ Poundcake because she’s more famous than I am.  Lineysha made that dress in mere minutes, and styled her completely, so she is very much my co-creator in the Lil’ Poundcake fantasy.  Her name is totally stolen from an SNL sketch (look it up on Youtube) and I think she connects with people because we all love that archetype of a seemingly perfect pageant princess who is completely damaged and insane and rotted inside."
5. Laganja Estranja: Since Drag Race, people have pinpointed so many types of drag. Some old school, some new, some edgier and some pageant. What kind do you fall into?
"I fall into my own unique category because I am a little bit of everything. Growing up in Texas as a musical theater geek definitely formed the campy side of Laganja as I was always hamming it up for others. My drag mother, Alyssa Edwards (Season 5), also taught me a lot while I was in Dallas about pageants so I have a huge respect for the old school, glamorous/polished queens… but clearly with my name I didn’t fit in there. It wasn’t until I moved to L.A. though that I began to fall in love with edgier, high fashion queens like Detox (Season 5) and Raven (Season 2). So I have taken inspiration from everyone and formed my own category: Campy High Glamour."
4. Coco Montrese: Of queens past, who is your icon?
"Queens of the past, my icons? Latrice, Alexis, Raven, Chad and Shannel."
3. Bianca Del Rio: Season 6 got it right for sure. All the girls are really beautiful and interesting and it’s anybody’s game. How did it feel to see all of these girls in the same room and think, “Oh shit it’s beginning!”

"No matter what I felt, my motto has always been “Never let a bitch see you sweat.”  

2. MILK: When you walked onto The set for the first time and you heard, “Hello, Hello, Hello!” from RuPaul, how did it feel?

"Diarrhea, diarrhea diarrhea!"

1. Darienne Lake: What drag name did you almost give yourself before you landed on the right one?

 ”When I was first painted up, people told me I should be Tracy Turnblad, since I looked like Ricky Lake. I thought about being an eyeshadow color like Dusty Rose or Heather Sky. Names like Tracy, and Ricky were thrown at me, and there is an amusement park called Darien Lake. So I added an extra “ne” and came up with Darienne Lake. I think it’s easy to spell, it’s like Adrienne, with the “A” and “D” reversed. I can’t tell you how many ways I’ve seen it spelled.”